Welcome! I’m Jorgen Qvist Olesen, the owner and managing director of JQConsult.

The last four decades I worked as an automotive and shipping executive. I was born in Denmark, but my international experience in logistics and change management has brought me to the United States, Russia, Japan and the rest of Europe.

Nothing is impossible
but some things are difficult to do.

My Story

I had my education at the Maersk Academy. That’s right: no university degree. I’ve made it so far because of my hands-on experience and the proven ability to implement positive change. It’s no secret that I live by the lines of the writer Maya Angelou:

“Sometimes people will remember what you say, sometimes they will remember what you do, but they always remember how you make them feel.”

Diverse work experience. Three words that summarize my career. For more than two decades I worked in the international container industry.

The last 18 years of my career I worked for Mazda. I was managing director of Mazda Logistics Europe. My responsibilities included CIO, VP Customer service and logistics.

I restructured the European distribution frame work and set the foundation for central European back office,serving 28 countries.

Equally important I transformed the total logistics chain. I enabled a transition from a private importer lead structure to a manufacturer owned and controlled distribution chain. Consequently, I restructured the service parts supply chain and closed all previous local depots.

The back orders were reduced by 50 % and took out 35 % of inventory as a result. Finally I set up new parts depots as markets required that. In Moscow for example, where it was done in 100 days from the project sign off to go live.

Container Industry

I’ve worked for 22 years in the container industry in Europa and the United States with Maersk and Sea-land. I was active in sales, marketing, IT, project development and corporate HQ-functions. I also did legal frame work establishment, including obtaining antitrust exemption from the Federal Maritime Commission. Furthermore, I did lobby activity in Brussels.


I Implemented the use of the Trans Siberian Rail Road for transport of new Mazda cars from Japan to Russia. This was a first in the industry and generally considered impossible because Toyota had given up on the project due to technical and quality concerns.

Was active member of the team that established the factory in Vladivostock. This required total insight to the Japanese management mind set and at times a lot of pushing. We cut the pipeline of vehicles for Russia by 65% and it was a significant contributor to the limited losses incurred in Russia for Mazda due to the Lehman crises.

Set up parts distribution center in 100 days

Customer service division Mazda

  • Responsible for the European service network of 2500 authorized repairers. Including full P&L responsibility for the service parts business, warranty cost control and vehicle quality improvement.
  • Created and launched the digital service record which was the first in the industry and still the only pan European application of any manufacturer.
  • This is the cornerstone of CRM activity after purchase and fully integrated in Siebel.
  • Lead the lobbying team to provide Mazda with a voice in Brussels when I came to vehicle emission standards. Went from completely unknown to top of mind of politicians and staff at the commission. This was done in less than 12 months.

CIO Mazda

  • As CIO established the strategy for architecture and application devel opment for the company. Including taking control for the DMS system and expansion of the use.
  • Re organized the IT department and out sourced all hosting
  • Created clear focus and area of responsibility for each section of the IT department
  • Established structured quality control process and specification of system before any code was written.


  • Active member of the executive committee in Europe
  • Lead member of service parts strategy and general operation at HQ in Japan
  • Lead member of vehicle logistics strategic development at HQ Japan.
  • Direct involvement with product development, quality assurance and warranty cost control in Japan and at the Mazda R&D facility in Frankfurt.
  • Office at European HQ in Leverkusen, Germany and Mazda Logistics Europe in Willebroek, Belgium